~~On November 5, 2013, my favorite ^Mom^, JoAnne Kay (Vogel) Stewart, earned her angel wings after a very courageous battle with metastatic breast cancer. This was the worst day of my life, but yet I knew that my ^Mom^ was no longer suffering and was soaring high with those beautiful angel wings. She was an amazing lady who was our "rock". After her initial diagnosis with breast cancer many years ago, we all became more of fan of the "pink ribbon" and did whatever we could to show our support in finding a cure. We were all very active in the Race for the Cure and our local Relay For Life event and usually one of us was sporting pink quite frequently! And, then things started "popping up" again and her cancer had returned to another area of her body. Tests, biopsies, radiation, chemo, etc. -- she did it all and was a trooper! She was also more than willing to become involved in research programs that would help others. While some of these worked and others did not, she plugged through them and Fought Like A Girl!!!!!! Finally, the appointment came when we were told that her body was unable to handle any more treatments and that there was nothing more that could be done. Talk about taking your breath away! What were we going to do? Why? Why? Why? I need my ^Mom^! Don't do this to us, God! We were all very fortunate to be able to take care of ^Mom^ in the last month before she earned her wings. We did all that we could to keep her comfortable knowing that when God was ready for her, she would be wiling to go to him. I promised my ^Mom^ over and over again that we would do all that we could to help find a cure, and I promised that a cure would be found in my lifetime so over these past few months we have had several fundraises to benefit organizations that have helped ^Mom^ and our family work through our loss. The idea for this event came about when I was cleaning out ^Mom's^ closet while one of my favorite Aunts was sitting on the bed. ^Mom^ had quite a few purses (but no where near as many as Jenna and I do). Patty mentioned an event that had a life and silent auction of purses, bags, etc. in Missouri, and we both said "we can do this"! So, we both did some major brainstorming and threw out some ideas to the Morton Tourism Association Board of Directors and here we are today . . . putting together this new fundraiser in our area to benefit Susan G. Komen! We hope you will considering donating to or joining us at our event to help us find a cure for this dreaded disease so no one else has to lose their favorite ^Mom^ or ^Grandma^! In loving memory of our favorite ^Mom^ and ^Grandma^,                                                                                             Sharyl Nuske & Jenna Buffington